The Great Mousecapade is a 2 player local co-op platformer game where you either play as "Thumb" and "Eyes", 2 lab mice breaking out of a research laboratory.

[Gameplay explanation]

To play,  players must download the build on on their own PCs.

In-game, players can play either Controller or Navigator.

As Controller (Thumb), you are tasked to go through the various traps and reach the square goal to proceed to the next level!

As Navigator (Eyes), you will be presented various sections of the map that the Controller is currently playing on.  You must inform the Controller of the various traps that they cannot see and progress to the next level!

[Game Jam Theme]

This was made during MoJam: Montreal Game Jam, which was hosted by OJam. The theme was Truth or Dare.

We interpreted this theme by creating a relationship between the two players, requiring them to trust one another and to take chances in order to proceed within the game. By having the Navigator guide the Controller, it allows the Controller to easily avoid obstacles and reach the goal in the most optimal way. This requires the Controller to have a faith in the Navigator's guidance and by working together to get an accurate representation of the area surrounding the player they can easily make their way to the end of the stage.


This game is played on Keyboard!

As Controller (Thumb):

  • W,A,S,D : Movement
  • Space: Jump
  • R: To Restart

As Navigator (Eyes):

  • 1: Restart Current Level Navigation
  • 2: Move To Next Level Navigation (Once Level View is done)


Team Unlikely Maintenance

Matthew Ferreira
Van Tran
Steven Ramos

Special Thanks to ...

Elijah Fisch for the sounds (@licoricefish on Twitter)
CodeMan38 for the font

MoJam : Montreal Game Jam 2018

And You!

Install instructions

To enjoy the full experience, play with a friend! Each of you should install the game on your own computers, each choose a different role and help each other solve the levels!


Download 18 MB


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It was really fun watching the demo of it at the end of the jam. Nice look and feel, as well as the concept!

Glad you like it! :D