A downloadable game for Windows

A Game made for SimpleJam.

The rules of the Jam was :

  1. Your game may have no more than 5 rules
  2. Your game can only use 5 assets

The rules of this game is simple, bring the green ball into the green platform to advance through the level.

In terms of assets, I've used a total of 4 assets ( platforms, the ball, effects, and the BGM) and was all manipulated in various ways.

Lastly, everything was made in Unity 5.

Thanks for playing/dropping by!

Credits to Zagi2 for the BGM


U N T I L T E D 29 MB


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It's cool! Usually physics puzzle games insist on following rules and this one just goes straight to breaking laws being required it seems. :)


U N T I L T E D is a game. It's simply that. Nothing more and nothing less. The mechanics are simple, you move blocks in attempts to push a green ball towards it's long lost lover, the green block. There isn't much going for U N T I L T E D in terms of length, depth, aesthetic or charm but it remains engaging for the few minutes that you play it.

However, there are two standout aspects of U N T I L T E D. Primarily, the music is of better quality than many games I encounter out in the wilds. Kudos to that.

Secondly, the level design is very clever and provides a neat challenge for the player while allowing them to adjust to the environments rules appropriately. They're well thought out and properly executed.

Himanshu Talwar
Editor, Enthusiast Gaming